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Pick your poisin

At the exhibition "Pick Your Poison" at Art Nordic (2022), the visitor will experience a series of works that each deal with the animal side of modern man. These darkened sides of the human psyche are illuminated with the help of 7 works that borrow inspiration from both sculpture, classical painting and the conceptual ready-made art wave. In addition, Rød Stue also plays with performance art, where actors will walk around and imitate among the art fair's audience, which illuminates all the sides of ourselves that we as humans hide and pack away in everyday life.

Katinka K. Olrik

has produced 3 sculptures consisting of; latex, wood, animal bones and gins.

The audience is drawn into a world ruled by uncertainty and repulsion from the natural. The animalistic expression the sculptures possess explores modern man's search for perfection.

An appreciative nod to the natural body that does not fit into the perfection society.

Half human, half undressed, masted and pinched, they are steered away from their nature.

In the need to be in control, they become tied up. And in the pursuit of perfectionism, they end up as half-human, half-monsters. .


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