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less sex more milk 

Exhibitions Less sex more milk, contains peform's video installations and visual works. Exhibitions will be shown in 4 boxes locally, on 1 November 2022. exhibitions are made by the group rod stue, which consists of Katiinka Olrik, Laura Bay Legaard and Jeppe Nymark.

Again spines, Faces covered in nylon stocking with human hair, repeated red phrases and a look into what the borderland hides, italeater exhibitions Less sex more milk the sexier uncertainty, battles with oneself and the one before balancing that can more easily for overwatchers, so that one leads out into the borderland.

A clump of spines hangs from a rope from the ceiling. With a firm grip on the other end of the rope, a half-naked woman keeps the lump floating. If she gets tired, the lump falls to the ground. If she puts too much weight, she herself falls. In the fight

the possibility of looking up, letting go and thus becoming free disappears.


Katinka K. Olrik



Materialer: Videoværk, 4:11 minutter


PUKK,s ungdoms fondsstøtte

Instruktør: Katinka K Olrik

producer: Katinka K Olrik

manuskriptforfatter: Katinka K Olrik

Fotograf: Bjørk Asferg Jakobsen 

Colorgrader: Bjørk Asferg Jakobsen 

lyddesign: Simon Kærslund, Mads Brandorff

Komponist: Simon Kærslund, Mads Brandorff

Klipper: Frederik Juel Gade

Skuespiller/ hovedperson: Clara strangholt 

Skuespiller/ mand: Henrik Mortensen

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