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"Gränseland//Border country” (Video work, 4:11 minutes)

Videne takes udgarnespunger in a series of interviews with women who have been victims of abuse, they tell about how their prose has been. the struggle meets the psyche, how belief/hope takes over from destruction, the lost and powerlessness. And what a struggle they have to move again to be able to win the mantle over their bodies again.

The work examines the impact on the psyche after an assault. A woman's escape from herself leads us into a timeless echo chamber. A limbo between the unconscious and the conscious, dreams and reality, hope and loss. What does the borderland hide? Forgotten corpses, tormented girls' faces and repressed experiences. The feminine can only be united by uniting with its double.

Katinka K. Olrik



Materialer: Videoværk, 4:11 minutter


PUKK,s ungdoms fondsstøtte

Instruktør: Katinka K Olrik

producer: Katinka K Olrik

manuskriptforfatter: Katinka K Olrik

Fotograf: Bjørk Asferg Jakobsen 

Colorgrader: Bjørk Asferg Jakobsen 

lyddesign: Simon Kærslund, Mads Brandorff

Komponist: Simon Kærslund, Mads Brandorff

Klipper: Frederik Juel Gade

Skuespiller/ hovedperson: Clara strangholt 

Skuespiller/ mand: Henrik Mortensen

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