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A night secret

In collaboration with Himmelstorm festival 2022, Laura Bay Legaard and Katinka K. Olrik presented neither "A night secret" Where the visitor will experience stepping into a universe that articulates secrets for ourselves and the people around them.

Viewers are encouraged to interact with the work and reveal their secret side themselves.

All people have their secrets, they drag around again live. But do we dare to let go of the fear and let them be seen?


The work "A night seret" is divided into two works, a physically interactive sculpture and an interactive performance.


The first work is a sculpture that rises vertically from the ground. On the frame there is a kind of spider's web made of yarn.

On the frame and next to it, there are lots of notes and pencils where people can write their secrets and hang them on spider webs.

The audience interacts with the sculpture, and writes their secrets And hangs them to dry.


The performance will take shape across the square at the festival. One actor will integrate with the audience by whispering unintelligible words to them and handing them notes with writing. while the other will pull away or climb up on that whisper.

Actor throws himself in and out between being merged and being two separate characters.

sometimes they are interaction with the audience

and other times it is only in interaction with itself.

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